How I Make My Matcha Latte


I quit caffeine entirely four and a half years ago. My nervous system was fried, and my coveted coffee - which I considered to be of roughly the same importance as my right arm - was only exacerbating the situation.

Spring of 2018 was the first time since then that I have felt restored and grounded enough to bring caffeine back into my life.

This time around I am much more conscientious: I drink matcha and various tees instead of coffee for a lower overall dose, I never, EVER have a caffeinated beverage if I am anxious or stressed, and I always eat a protein and fat-centric meal to stabilize my blood sugar before introducing caffeine (blending drinks with collagen peptides can help with this too). I wish I had applied these “caffeine rules” in my teens and twenties, but live and learn I guess. 


Matcha is definitely my "go-to" when I want a little pick-me-up without the jolt of coffee. Here's my latte recipe:



  • Pour almond milk into a sauce pan and heat on medium-low until warm. Switch to low and add matcha and collagen and whisk together. Add cocoa butter disk and honey and whisk until dissolved. Turn off heat. Add flak salt, whisk and serve.