“She truly cares about her clients.”

Carly is an incredible coach and healer. I started working with her in early 2015 on improving my health and incorporating more wellness routines into my day-to-day. She put me at ease right away in our first in-person conversation and helped me think through what my goals were (getting 'real'--eating real food, avoiding synthetic skin/body care products, etc.; finding and incorporating spiritual practice; and shedding some extra lbs I'd been carrying around). 

It was clear from the beginning that she was interested in learning about me and what I wanted to do so that she could design a very individualized protocol and arsenal of resources for me. Her approach was holistic and completely free of judgement. Because she helped me establish clear goals and then tailored a plan to me so expertly, I was able to follow it and make adjustments as needed. AND, Carly has been extremely responsive to and helpful with any questions or inquiries I've sent her way in the last year and a half. 

Earlier this year, I had a Reiki session with Carly (my first with her, my second ever). The 'hands-on' portion of the session was really comforting and grounding. The post session debrief was invaluable. Carly's intuition and guidance were right on the money and really helped me to start working through some blocked energy and negative thought patterns.

I can't say enough good things about Carly. She's a consummate professional, she knows her stuff and she truly cares about her clients. 

Thank you, Carly!

— N.K., Chicago

“Pure magic...”

I received some Valerian Extract housemade by Carly, and it was pure magic in a super cutely labeled bottle.  I don't know what she does that makes it so special.  Her herbal extract is the best I've ever used!

— S.K., San Diego

She isn't just a health coach, she's a HOLISTIC health coach, and I loved that. She was open to discussing all parts of my life that could get better, from physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives. 

— K.G., Chicago


“Amazingly communicative and professional.”

I've known Carly through social media over the years. When I started having some nutritional concerns and wanted some advice from a professional I was so glad I knew Carly. I signed up for an hour power session to discuss issues I've had with cholesterol, migraines, hair loss, among other things. 

To begin, I completed a survey for Carly which included lots of back history I wouldn't have even thought of to provide. From the prep work she did ahead of time to the meeting to after the meeting, the level of professionalism and thought put into all communication has been amazing. I received great follow-up materials, comprehensive lists of foods, supplements, links to articles and podcasts, and a bunch of other materials I know I can trust. She also took the time to check in after our meeting to see how things were going once I implemented some of her suggestions. 

I'm located in Austin and the ease of working with her over the phone has been great! Thanks Carly!

— R.S., Austin

It was deeply healing and relaxing.”

Carly came to my home and did an amazing combo of Reiki and energy/intuitive work for me. I’ve never had a session like this. The Reiki was so powerful that I physically felt pressure and felt things being worked out as she went. It was deeply healing and relaxing. The intuitive messages that she had for me post session were exactly what I was meant to hear. I can honestly say that the session was spiritually life changing for me. I also appreciated how well prepared Carly was. She brought everything she needed and created a very peaceful atmosphere right there in my dining room. Carly’s intuition and healing gifts are spot on. She is a no BS kind of person and I really appreciate that. Thank you Carly!

— J.S., San Diego