Radical health and wellbeing.




Hi, I’m Carly. I specialize in facilitating radical well-being for the body, mind, and spirit; especially during birth, illness, and end-of-life. 

I was called to this work in the wake of my own battle with debilitating illness and traumatic brain injury. I discovered in my deepest suffering that Western culture does not equip its people to hold space for, or spiritually nourish one another during the most profound markers of human existence. I began to study customs surrounding birth, sickness, and end-of-life in other countries and found that contemporary Western practices are both very new, and in the minority.


I view the body as a holistic entity that must be approached in its entirety, rather than isolated into parts. I provide herbal and nutrition consultations, placenta medicine and postpartum support, and intuitive energy healing. I also maintain a list of qualified resources to refer you or your loved one to when tandem healing modalities are needed. 


Get in touch and let's talk about how I can help you live in radical wellness!


“It was clear from the beginning that Carly was interested in learning about me and what I wanted to do so that she could design a very individualized protocol and an arsenal of resources for me. Her approach was holistic and completely free of judgement.”