I’m Carly. I empower women in radical health. 

I was called to this work in the wake of my own debilitating illness and traumatic brain injury. I discovered in my deepest suffering that Western culture does not equip its people to hold space for, or spiritually nourish one another during the most profound markers of human existence. I began to study customs surrounding birth and postpartum, sickness and death, in other countries and found that contemporary Western practices are both very new, and in the minority.

Around 1950 the Western medical model as we know it began to emerge. It piggybacked on the convenience and leisure culture that developed after World War II, emphasizing fast treatment in a clean environment. There is no question that the medical advances that began then are lifesaving. However, amidst our eagerness to adopt innovative techniques and procedures, we lost ancestral knowledge of holistic care methods that serve the body, mind, and spirit as the inseparable unit they are. 

I credit the majority of my recovery to my study and application of these methods, and feel called to share this unique healing with as many women as possible.